Art Submission

We love looking at new work.

However we can only review artist submissions, with our technical committee, a few times per year. Therefore, we would appreciate no unscheduled appointments or drop-in's, and no original artwork please. Simply mail your cd's or slides to the gallery or e-mail them to us for a first look.

Artist Submissions Guidelines

  1. 1. For a first look, you mail e-mail images of your work to submissions[at]

    2. Afterwards, we will accept copies of your artwork such as color copies, digital images on CD or DVD, or photographs, as well as 35mm slides or 4x5 transparencies. We prefer photographs. Your CV should also be included, as well as an Artist’s Statement.

    3. Submissions will not be returned to you unless expressly requested by you.

    4. Please DO NOT submit original artwork. Thanks.

    5. You will receive an acknowledgement that your submission, and / or request was received.

    6. In the event that we wish to further consider your work, we will contact you directly. Approximate response time is six weeks. Please also note that we do not, under any circumstances, grant in - person appointments unless images have been reviewed and found to be of interest to the gallery.

    7. Please submit recent works only.

Submissions should be sent to:

Allegro Galería
0819-02403, El Dorado,
Panamá, Rep. de Panamá

Allegro Galería (international)
8619 NW 68 ST
Miami, Fl 33166

You may also leave the envelope at the gallery.