Who we are

Allegro Galería, a project by Mirie de la Guardia, has been developing over a long period of time – one might almost say forever.  It began taking shape when Allegro was born, in 1991, and took its first steps in the field of art with a number of group shows that featured some of the best-known artists of the Panamanian art scene, such as Brooke Alfaro, Isabel De Obaldía, Teresa Icaza, Olga Sinclair, Eduardo Navarro, Tabo Toral, and Juan Carlos Marcos.

In 2000, Allegro organized "Huellas", an exhibition of the works of 20 women, that brought together the most significant female artists in Panama at the time, including those native born and living here or abroad, and those born elsewhere who have made Panama their home. “Huellas” showcased examples of painting, sculpture, photography, and video, all of which were reproduced in a magnificent catalog that recorded for posterity the works that these women were creating at the dawn of the millennium.

Eventually, these tentative but determined steps led to a vital, well-established Allegro Galería where, in 2006 a variety of group and individual shows testify to the vision of this new space.